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Music Lessons at Any Age

Scores of people want to take their love for music to the next level by learning how to play an instrument. However, too many feel that they don't have a natural ability or lack musical talent, and ignore the urge to sign up for music lessons. They might be intimidated by the hours that are required to be proficient at […]

Music Lessons for Youth

All parents enjoy it when their kids learn and grow in a variety of areas. They want their children to do well in school and have success in endeavors outside of school. We all hope that our kids will have more opportunities than we did. Learning music is important for all children. Music education has been shown to improve kids' […]

Children vs Music Lessons

Many parents decide it is best to send their children to music lessons. They think that music lessons will give their child an important skill that will follow them through life. While this is true, if you want your child to truly do well in music lessons, you need to do your part to support them. Watch Them The first […]

Music Lessons’ Benefits

Extensive research has confirmed the link between early music instruction and cognitive growth in math, memory, spatial-temporal reasoning, reading and literacy. Researchers continue to study the affects of music on learning and memory in both children and adults. Learning to play an instrument as an adult has proven beneficial in the aging process. It helps the mind remain active and […]

Music Services

RMC is a one-stop centre: music instruments and school that offer complete and excellent services for musicians by musicians. We have been in the business since January 2000. In addition, we offer over 50 years of performing experience and academic knowledge. Our Toronto music instruments, music school, music lessons, music repairs, recording studios, and practice rooms rentals are open seven days a week...

Music Lessons

Rogers Music Centre (RMC) brings you over 50 years of academic knowledge and performing experience. Our dedicated team of qualified teachers-performers implements their acquired academic knowledge and performing experience to prepare you for conservatory exams and real life performing challenges. Special discounts and referral rewards are available for our lifetime members...

The Benefits of Music

Learning any type of musical instrument or developing the ability to sing takes an extensive amount of practice and determination to succeed. According to some researchers, the younger a child starts to learn his or her musical abilities, the earlier the child will grow. The child will not only take advantage of the tangible rewards of a learned skill, but […]

Music Instruments

At RMC we offer a wide range of live and recording equipment such as PA systems, lighting systems, studio recording consoles and monitors, instrument amps and amp speakers, pre-amps and microphones, … etc. We also offer a large selection of guitars, basses, banjos, digital pianos, drums, hand percussion, keyboards, mandolins, and ukuleles. As well, we offer banjos, harmonicas, mandolins, melodicas, and orchestral and band instruments...