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Music Lessons for Kids. A Parent’s Guide.

Private music lessons are an effective way to help your child learn to play an instrument, but for parents who have little musical experience, figuring out how to begin lessons can be a difficult task. This article will show you what is involved in taking music lessons, and help you get your child’s music education off to a great start! […]

Music Lessons at Any Age

Scores of people want to take their love for music to the next level by learning how to play an instrument. However, too many feel that they don’t have a natural ability or lack musical talent, and ignore the urge to sign up for music lessons. They might be intimidated by the hours that are required to be proficient at […]

Music Lessons for Youth

All parents enjoy it when their kids learn and grow in a variety of areas. They want their children to do well in school and have success in endeavors outside of school. We all hope that our kids will have more opportunities than we did. Learning music is important for all children. Music education has been shown to improve kids’ […]

Children vs Music Lessons

Many parents decide it is best to send their children to music lessons. They think that music lessons will give their child an important skill that will follow them through life. While this is true, if you want your child to truly do well in music lessons, you need to do your part to support them. Watch Them The first […]

Music Lessons’ Benefits

Extensive research has confirmed the link between early music instruction and cognitive growth in math, memory, spatial-temporal reasoning, reading and literacy. Researchers continue to study the affects of music on learning and memory in both children and adults. Learning to play an instrument as an adult has proven beneficial in the aging process. It helps the mind remain active and […]

The Benefits of Music

Learning any type of musical instrument or developing the ability to sing takes an extensive amount of practice and determination to succeed. According to some researchers, the younger a child starts to learn his or her musical abilities, the earlier the child will grow. The child will not only take advantage of the tangible rewards of a learned skill, but […]

What Our Clients Say

  • Sharon P.
    I work with a group of youths in an Ontario Drum Core. Since my first visit to Rogers Music Centre, Jimmi has assisted me with repairs, equipment, replacement parts, and all needed information and advice. Through the years, RMC has saved me a lot of travel and phone time and money. They always have what I need, and if not, they get it for me in a timely manner and at a reasonable price. Ever since Rogers Music Centre opened, it has been a rewarding event and now a treasure of rewards for the community. I thank you Rogers Music Centre and our drummers also thank you!
    Sharon P.
    Drum Core Instructor and Pathfinder Assistant Director
  • Vanessa V.
    Jimmi, thanks for being so awesome and having the most transparent, yet encouraging facial expressions. You totally changed my life. Real recognizes Real. Rock on!
    Vanessa V.
  • Anna C.
    My experience at Rogers Music Centre has been great. I have been taking guitar lessons and I am loving it. The teacher makes the classes exciting and fun to learn. I also have the lifetime membership. Whenever I want to by something I have 10% discount. I also have discounts on lessons, repairs, rentals, and a $10 credit on each person I refer when they sign up. In conclusion, I love being a member at Rogers Music Centre, and I’m sure anyone else who signs up would love it too.
    Anna C.
  • Kayla D.B.
    Thank you so much Jimmi. You’ve really helped me through this competition, and I thank you for that. I’ve come a long way vocal wise and knowledge wise. I now realize my mistakes as I sing and I know how to correct them. I’ve learned many different things with you and I’m happy I took lessons with you. It was an awesome experience. It meant so much. Thanks Jimmi.
    Kayla D.B.
  • Silvia. S.
    Rogers Music Centre é uma escola importante para as crianças. É maneira das crianças estarem entretidas e aprenderem música. A música fáz falt às crianças, elas ficam mais calmas e com espirito mais harmonioso. Eu acho muita diferença na minha filha, desde que ela aprende música, ela agora presta mais atençāo a todo o tipo de música. Centros como este fáz falta à nossa sociedade. Espero que continue a haver sempre escolas de música para a s crianças e adultos. Com os meus agradecimentos,
    Silvia. S.
  • Antoinette A.
    Dear Jimmi, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. You have helped me gain back my confidence and my dreams. Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness. You will always have a friend in me.
    Antoinette A.
  • James W.
    Mr. Jimmi, a Million Billion Trillion just doesn’t seem enough! My new guitar sounds AMAZING! Thank you so much!
    James W.
    Guitarist and Singer
  • Rosana F.
    I'm so happy that I popped in to Rogers Music Centre. I had seen it in my neighborhood a few times, and when I finally walked in, I was instantly welcomed. I know that I can get not only great equipment there, but sound advice (no pun intended). It’s a great local business!
    Rosana F.
  • Phyllis F.
    Rogers Music Centre has become a great asset to our community. With incline of the Toronto music scene, RMC has provided instruments and lessons for those who were incapable of reaching this artistic outlet before. By lowering instrument and sound equipment prices, Rogers Music Centre has made it possible for many people in the community, who cannot afford the current music market cost increases, to participate in this wonderful art form. Thanks to Jimmi and RMC for their continued help to the community.
    Phyllis F.
  • Phyllis F.
    Dear Mr. Daoud, on behalf of the staff, the students and the parents of Marshall McLuhan Catholic Secondary School community, we thank you very much for your recent contribution to our dinner/dance and silent auction. Your contributions will help enhance the innovative programs we are able to offer our students and in building a sense of community with our parents and friends of the school. We genuinely appreciate your decision to support our efforts.
    Phyllis F.
    CSAC and Fundraising Committee Chair
  • Jamie C.
    Rogers Music Centre, en estos cuatro meses que llevo en Canada, ya que yo soy español y desde entonces siempre he pasado por lo menos una vez al dia por Rogers Music Centre ya que desde la primera vez que entre me agrado mucho ya que tiene de todo en cuanto a musica se refiere ademas que la gente es recontra chevere (Jimmi Viejo eras lo maximo) ademas que te ayudan en todo lo que pueden. Todo es de primera calidad y el servicio es insuperable. Cuando pienso en instromentos musicales no dudo en ir a Rogers Music Centre, y le recomiendo a todos aquellos que piensen en comprar instrumentos musicales que vayan a RMC ya que no solo encontraran lo major sino que haran Buenos amigos. Ademas no se pierdan los futuros conciertos organizados por Jimmi, ahi de seguro me van a encontrar.
    Jamie C.
    Guitarrista & Bajista
  • Martha M.
    An old adage states that “good things come in small packages”, this rings true in the case of Rogers Music Centre. In my role as a co-op teacher for students of special needs, I had the pleasure of working in partnership with Jimmi Daoud, RMC store manager, who was kind enough to offer a job training placement to one of my students. At Rogers Music Centre my student was introduced to a number of musical instruments, customer service techniques, and the opportunity to observes and inquire about the various and different aspects of operating a small music business and school. I was also very impressed to learn that Jimmi is an author. Drawing from his musical experience and knowledge of current brain and motor skills research as it pertain to education, he has written a very readable and user-friendly instruction series entitled The Musical Drummer. My co-op student has valued greatly his experience gained at Rogers Music Centre.
    Martha M.
    Teacher and Transitional Co-op, Msgr. Fraser College
  • Joseph K.
    Dear RMC Management, I thank you for the help and warm hospitality I received each time I visited your store. When I bought my Ibanez Guitar I was happy with the price and the sound advice I received regarding the Floyd Rose trem. I live far, but the service and price are worth it.
    Joseph K.
    Singer, Guitarist and Teacher
  • Zelia L.
    Jimmi and the Rogers Music Centre team, with today’s busy lifestyle, few of us take the time to officially acknowledge the joy of receiving excellent customer service. As a professional in this field, attaining this recognition from a client is a true reward. So, I am writing today to simply express my gratitude for the manner in which you ensure a superior level of customer satisfaction. I also take this opportunity to commend your team for their dedication in sharing their knowledge and expertise. In addition, I would like to congratulate you on the recent improvements to the premises, which have enhanced your teaching studios’ atmosphere, providing adequate comfort and privacy for students. In appreciation of your excellent service I will be pleased to refer you to my family and friends.
    Zelia L.
  • Betsy V.
    Dear Jimmi, I wanted to thank you and the staff at Rogers Music Centre for all your help. Both the seminar I organized in the fall and our Christmas party were a success partly due to your help. The sound equipment we rented from you was perfect for the two events. Also, the band needed some instruments and equipment, and you had everything they needed. Thank you for your great service and advice, and for keeping your prices affordable. Wishing you continued success.
    Betsy V.
    Business Entrepreneur and Natural Health Practitioner
  • Emanuel S.

    Thank GOD for Rogers Music Centre. It’s great to have a music store & school close by!

    Emanuel S.
  • Hugo C.
    Rogers Music Centre, EL Club ”Giudad de Quito” tien el enorme agrado de invitarlo a que festeje con nosotros un aniversario mas de la Fundacion de Quito, conocedores de su valiosa colaboracion con el Club; extendemos do Pases de Cortesia, para que nos honre con su presencia en nuestro homenaje a la Capital de Ecuador. Rogamos encarecidamente presentar sus Pases de Cortesia en la puerta de entrada, para asi validar su pase al programa. Seguros de su presencia, le anticipamos nuestro sincero agradecimiento por su apoyo y colaboracion con nuestro entidad.
    Hugo C.
    Coordinador General
  • Sam K.
    Dear Jimmi, on behalf of my family and myself, I wish to congratulate you on your second anniversary of the opening of Rogers Music Centre, and wish you many more years in this field of music. We would like you to know that you have always been of great help to us in identifying what we need in terms of musical equipment, and have given us exactly what we need without any prejudice to personal gains, an attribute that is not found in many people. The selection of instruments, accessories, educational media, live and recording equipment, and all other music related items RMC offers is quite extensive, with prices that are both reasonable and affordable. We hope that very soon you will be able to even extend these offerings further to encompass more equipment and peripherals in order to cope with the never-ending demands of our human nature when it comes to musical enjoyment. Keep up the good work, and may you be there for us for a long time. Happy anniversary and our best wishes for success!
    Sam K.
  • Shawn Robert M.
    Jimmi, I wanna thank you for all your help, with my drumming and my band performance both on stage and in the recording studio.
    Shawn Robert M.
    Drummer and Band Leader
  • Heather McG.
    Dear Jimmi, on Behalf of The Oshawa Hospital Foundation and Diamonds & Ice Gala Committee we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your support as an auction donor. Your participation contributed greatly to its amazing success and to the spectacular evening. Your collaboration has allowed us to present our most successful Gala, netting $220,000 to benefit the new R. S. McLaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Centre and Diagnostic Imaging at Lakeridge Health Oshawa.
    Heather McG.
    Gala Chair
  • Dale & Artemis

    Thank you Jimmi & Rogers Music Centre for helping the young writers of S.A.S.S.

    Dale & Artemis
    Founders, School Alliance of Student Songwriters
  • Tessie and Oliver T.
    We have three children who’ve been taking piano and drum lessons at Rogers Music Centre for a few years now. We are very appreciative of having RMC in our neighborhood. As parents, we want to give our children the opportunities that we didn’t have growing up. The benefits of playing music are something that we regard to be very important in the development of the human brain and motor skill. We had just about given up on finding a music centre that was reputable, convenient and friendly when we received Rogers Music Centre’s advertisement. A phone call and a visit with Jimmi were all we needed. We signed up our children for RMC Lifetime Membership, and still today they continue to benefit from all the savings it entitles them on accessories, instruments, lessons, and repairs, not to mention that they also have access to quality instruments, highly qualified instructors and repair technicians. Our children performed in the many events held by Rogers Music Centre, such as the RMC Annual Concert Recital, and the F.H. Miller School Spring Fair. These events allowed our children the opportunity to showcase their talents. These were very special moments for them and for us as well. We also got the opportunity to enjoy performances of several other talented children students of Rogers Music Centre. The initiation and participation of Rogers Music Centre with these events make very substantial contribution to our sense of community. The progress each of our kids achieved is due, in big part, to the great learning environment and performing opportunities offered at RMC. Our thanks to Jimmi and the Rogers Music Centre team for their quality music instructions, as well as their friendly and caring manner in which they bring the gift of music to our children. We continue to recommend RMC to all our friends and neighbors.
    Tessie and Oliver T.
  • Francesco F.
    Since its beginning stages, Rogers Music Centre has made critical improvements regarding its physical appearance. RMC teaching policy is to promote music awareness at the highest levels of teaching, and to make available to its customers quality musical instruments at the best prices possible. I am glad to be part of the teaching team at Rogers Music Centre “For Musicians, By Musicians”.
    Francesco F.
    Piano Teacher and Performer
  • Sister Laurette C.
    My first visit to Rogers Music Centre was not as a paying customer, but rather in my capacity as job coach, monitoring a co-op student under Jimmi’s tutelage. The fact that Jimmi was willing to take on a co-op student reinforced for me his commitment in helping others. Because of the large inventory of musical instruments and supplies crammed into this small space the store may appear cluttered, however, with Jimmi’s talent for eye-catching arrangements, all these items are displayed in a very appealing and interesting manner. The one thing that quickly becomes obvious is that the customer will receive courteous, prompt and just service at Rogers Music Centre. I wish Jimmi all the success and expansion in his business.
    Sister Laurette C.
    Job Coach, Msgr. Fraser College
  • Jack G.
    We have been in business for over six years. Just two years ago we acquired a new addition to our group of companies, next door to Rogers Music Centre, and they have proved to be great neighbors. We have witnessed RMC grow in leaps and bounds within a very short time. I have enrolled my wife and kids in Rogers Music Centre lifetime membership program, and have ever since been benefiting from their quality musical instruments, lessons and repair services. I have often observed Jimmi, RMC owner and manager, speaking with individuals passing by to get more familiar with the community and its musical needs. Rogers Music Centre has also done outstanding work in supporting the community’s public and private schools with their music programs and events. I always highly recommend them to all my family members, friends, and business friends.
    Jack G.
    Owner, Extended Stay Suites, JMCC, HMS, Cadilac Cleaners
  • Leonor A.
    Music has always been an important aspect of my life. It makes me who I am today. Singing gives me a venue to express my love for music and myself. Rogers Music Centre and Jimmi, in particular, have allowed me to perfect my craft and also helped me in other areas that in turn improved my singing and performance. Jimmi has shown me that singing is not just about the voice, but also about the body, the mind, and the soul. His vocal method and coaching approach have helped me develop a more confident personality, and in turn a better singer-performer. The lessons I took with Jimmi have been invaluable not only in my singing, but also in my everyday life. Jimmi’s coaching not only produces amazing singers, but also amazing people. Rogers Music Centre is an asset to the community, as it plays an integral part in the development of talent.
    Leonor A.
  • Helio C.
    Hi my name is Helio, I am 13 turning 14 in May. Two years ago, my mom bought me a drumset at Rogers Music Centre and signed me up for drum lessons with Jimmi. Drumming and Skateboarding are my favorite hobbies. When I started getting interested in drums I used to go to Long & McQuade or Steve’s music stores. Then one Saturday afternoon, while getting something for my mom from the Portuguese supermarket on Rogers Road, I discovered Rogers Music Centre, and as soon as I went in and saw the instruments they had, specially the drums, I fell in love with the store and did not want to leave. RMC has improved a lot during the past two years, and so did my drumming skills. I also learned a bit of guitar and piano, and performed with my teacher Jimmi in a hand percussion group in the International Drum Festival as well as on the CNE Opening Day. One day I’ll become a famous drummer like Travis Barker (Blink 182, Boxcarracer, and Transplants), and Jimmi (amazing drummer, drum-instructor and manager at RMC). As customer, student, and friend I know that Rogers Music Centre can benefit everyone. I have told all my family, friends and school teachers about my RMC experience!
    Helio C.
  • Susan R.
    Our Year-End Festival was a great success, and your participation and support was one of the reasons. On behalf of F.H. Miller School Council and the entire community we thank you for your generosity and look forward for further collaborations.
    Susan R.
    School Council Chair
  • Ash K.
    We started our business relation with Rogers Music Centre as their graphic and web designers and marketing advisor. Driven by forward positive thinking, they have accomplished amazing progress over a short period of time. They have grown from just a small music store and school into a well-rounded music centre. Their services have rapidly, yet steadily, expanded to accommodate new slices of clientele. And through an affiliation with our studio, they added graphic and web design for musicians to their wide range of services. They’re highly commended for their courteous professional customer service, and their sincere efforts to accommodate their customers. Moreover, if one adds their business and marketing savvy, knowledgeable, determined manager to the equation, the result would be great potential — not only to the RMC company, but also to the business and social communities.
    Ash K.
    Graphic and Web Designer
  • James W.
    I just wanted to thank everybody at Rogers Music Centre for providing me with great products and service. I’ve been going to see them for my music needs since they opened and I’ve always received great advice. I especially appreciate that management staff like Jimmi have been in the music industry a long time and know exactly what I’m looking for before I even need to explain it. From the amp and mic rentals, to their other products, and their technicians that worked on my guitar, I’ve received great service at great prices. Thanks.
    James W.
    Guitarist and Singer
  • Fernando P.
    Dear Mr. Daoud, I feel that you have met and exceeded my expectations on every product and service you offer! I am satisfied with your repair service quality compared to your competition.
    Fernando P.
    Guitarist and Pianist
  • Renato A.
    We have known Rogers Music Centre for over two years. It started as a normal small space, where there were a few music instruments and a few students for music lessons, but as time passed it has progressed and grown into a respectable and well known music center. RMC has also benefited me, my brothers, and our kids, as each one of us either sing, or play guitar, drums, and piano. Rogers Music Centre has also been our client, as we have done all their glass and mirrors work for the renovations. I see this music store and school growing further as time passes; it has done a lot of good for the community.
    Renato A.
    Singer, Drummer, and President of ASTAR Glass & Mirrors Corp.
  • Rev. Miguel Segura B.
    Rogers Music Centre, together with the community of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, we would like to thank you for your generous donation to our 16th Guadalupe Fair.
    Rev. Miguel Segura B.
  • Maria L.
    I want to express to you my satisfaction with Rogers Music Centre. I am a singer and percussionist, and I went to RMC in need of a stand for my pair of congas. The person whom I dealt with was Jimmi; he was friendly, knowledgeable and reliable. He told me what kind of stand I needed, and although it was not in stock he got it for me within two days. Rogers Music Centre is an excellent store, customers don’t need to travel far to get great products and reliable service. They even offer qualified teachers for music lessons at affordable prices! Thank you.
    Maria L.
    Singer and Percussionist
  • Helena R.
    As a parent of one of your many students, I would like to take a moment to express my complete satisfaction with Rogers Music Centre’ school. The high qualification of your teaching staff, combined with their enthusiasm and ability to adapt to each student’s needs, create a perfect learning environment. I choose your school because the cost was very competitive, and also you are conveniently located in the heart of the Portuguese community. Needless to say, I am very glad that I signed up my daughter for your lifetime membership and through the years enrolled her first for piano, then for guitar, and now for singing lessons. Thank you and keep up the good work!
    Helena R.
  • Charles A.
    Dear Rogers Music Centre, we would like to extend to you our gratitude for your excellent service, support and pricing regarding the Blue Sky monitoring system you sold and installed for us. Your knowledge and fast response to the needs of our recording studio has been truly unique. We also thank you for the prompt delivery of the Rode microphones and cables ahead of our recording schedules. Congratulations on the addition of the teaching studios and the musical education you are providing in your area. We look forward to doing more business with Rogers Music Centre.
    Charles A.
    Time Lock Music Owner
  • Susan G.
    I just wanted to thank you for supporting the Poveiros Community Centre Charity Dinner. It was a wonderful evening and extremely successful, raising over $25,000 for Safehaven and in turn providing services to over 300 families. Thank you for making a difference to our children and their families. Warm regards.
    Susan G.
    Manager, Fundraising & Public Relations
  • Paul M.
    It was really a pleasure working with you this year. We did the printing and distribution of 60,000 flyers for your second anniversary. You kindly encouraged me and my crew to do the best job possible, and at the end of the job you complimented us on all our efforts. I also appreciated your prompt payment. Best wishes for success with your center.
    Paul M.
    Owner Operator of Reliable Flyer Distribution Service Inc.
  • Leonora D.S.
    I am a parent of a student at Rogers Music Centre’ school. I am writing this letter of recommendation because I believe that they are teaching my son very well. He is currently taking guitar lessons. They have been very patient with him, and he has really been learning a lot. My son likes and respects his teacher Danny. As a parent, I recommend anyone who wants to learn any musical instrument that they go to Rogers Music Centre, I believe that they will receive satisfaction of their money and great music skills.
    Leonora D.S.
  • Danny J. Ricardo
    My name is Danny and I am a music teacher at Rogers Music Centre. I first noticed RMC when driving in my car, I was happy to see that we finally have a local music shop, it also proved to be a new opportunity for possible employment! When I first walked in the space was not glamorous at all. Most of the building was yet unfinished, the inventory was bleak, and the customers and students roster was almost inexistent, but, I left a resume anyways because I saw some potential. To my surprise, and good fortune, I was hired about three weeks later! I remember teaching just one student a week, and it wasn’t the best accommodations either, but some how it worked! Two months in, things started to change, the main floor lobby had gone through major reconstruction, a comfortable accommodating room was built for private lessons, and the student roster had jumped from one to ten! Four months in, and RMC’s advertising in print, radio, and TV generated more customers and students which was great but difficult to schedule everyone in just one teaching room shared by all teaching staff! Six-Seven months in, the inventory went from bleak to extravagant, the staff increased, and plans went into renovating the remainder of the building. The downstairs went from miserable and hopeless to attractive and comfortable, four new private teaching rooms were built so each teacher had a designated teaching room which made it possible to schedule and fill the rest of the open slots. In just a little over a year, I have seen Rogers Music Centre grow from its most primitive state into a contemporary competitive music store. RMC benefits me in many ways. It’s a respectable and reputable place I can work at, and it’s a place where I can make a difference. Teaching music is a wonderful gift, I love to see the awe in student’s faces of all ages and the joy music brings to people. RMC has proved to be a great addition to this community, with quality products and wonderful staff of highly qualified teachers, expert repair technicians, and the best customer service. I am proud to be part of this great retail store/music school for the past fifteen years and counting!
    Danny J. Ricardo
    Guitar Teacher, Guitarist with Canadian artists Gowan and Justus
  •  Mrs. Yvonne G.
    The staff and manager at Rogers Music Centre are very friendly towards customers. Upon entering you are greeted with a friendly ‘hello’ and ‘how are you today’. I’ve been to many other music centers, but none can compare to Rogers Music Centre. The experience one receives there is both academic and educational. I will recommend RMC to my friends and neighbors. Thank you to everyone at Rogers Music Centre.
    Mrs. Yvonne G.
  • M. Granata
    Dear Jimmi, on behalf of the St. Matthew CSAC, I want to thank you for all your wonderful past and present support. The sound equipment you provided has greatly contributed to the success of our Dance-a-thon. And the musical instruments you donated as prizes for our ‘Bike and Helmet’ Walk-a-thon, were cherished by all winners. Finally, we thank you for your generous donations that allowed us to replace the lights and tiles in the gym hallway and to improve the gym foyer. Your commitment into providing a physical environment that enhances the learning experience for our students speaks volumes. A plaque with your company sponsorship will be placed in the gym foyer, as well as mentions in the Walk-a-thon and School newsletters, as well as in our school agenda.
    M. Granata
  • Tom B.
    I’ve been a customer of Rogers Music Centre for some time now. Generally, I prefer to shop at local merchants; however, pricing is a factor which may cause me to roam a bit for the best deal. Quality service also factors in my final decision. At RMC, not only I find both service quality and great prices, it’s also local. Music equipment and instruments are very personal products, one tends to be very choosy and brand loyal. I brought one of my guitars to RMC for repair, and I was pleasantly surprised with the turnover time and the repair quality. The guitar plays like new! I have a few more music purchases on my wish list and I’ll be sure to check Rogers Music Centre first. They seem to always deliver on my musical needs!
    Tom B.
  • Janice D.
    Dear Jimmi, please accept our sincere gratitude for your support of our Friends of F.H. Miller Donor Wall. Your generous contribution really shows your commitment to this community. Through the Donor Wall the Grass Roots Campaign raised more than $16,000 toward improving the landscaping at F.H. Miller.
    Janice D.
    School Council Secretary
  • Ann and Darrell S.
    For some time now we have been entertaining the idea of piano lessons. After meeting with Jimmi of Rogers Music Centre, we feel he has the expertise and resources for our endeavor. However, with the wide range of musical resources RMC has, perhaps one of us will learn to play the violin.
    Ann and Darrell S.
    Violinist and Guitarist
  • Irv loder
    Just wanting to let you know how much I appreciate your instruction and lessons that you offer at Rogers Music Centre. This note is to give thanks to in person lessons and the great value it has been when I find out things I need to know not possible with online instruction ! eg: the position on seat, how to raise heels on right and left foot with your toes doing most the work. Also the metronome and rudiment work. This is now what I can work on. Thank You.
    Irv loder
  • Grant Main
    Always professional, friendly and I would recommend them to anyone who's tired of the bigger shops
    Grant Main
  • Jose Portillo
    Great store. This is a place where I felt that my issues were being heard and taken care of with Jimmi. He is a knowledgeable and honest person to speak with. I also signed up for guitar schooling with Andre. He tailored the lessons with my level of performance. Despite of the meetings being online, the lessons have improved my guitar skills in a short amount of time. I recommend this place to be visited before any other franchised store
    Jose Portillo
  • Paul W. Gordon
    Let me just say Jimmi is the best by far!!! Great shop, great customer service, he set up and fixed my guitar better than ever and I couldn't be happier!!! This is my new guitar guy and he should be yours check him out you won't be disapointed!!
    Paul W. Gordon
  • Karen McCallum
    Rogers Music Centre is THE place to get your instrument fixed. They are so professional, skilled, and kind. This is a truly amazing Toronto business. I got my Clarinet fixed there this winter and they were fast and clear about every service that was needed and done. Very communicative and so helpful. Would DEFINITELY recommend Rogers Music Centre!
    Karen McCallum
  • Joe
    Had my electric piano repaired by Jimmy and his technician. They replaced many broken keys and got it working again! Fast and friendly service.
  • Keyson Law
    Came here for repairs for my electric drum kit. Friendly and quick service and good pricing.
    Keyson Law
  • Marco Santilli
    I came in this morning and was delighted by the instruments (especially the electric guitars) and jimmy's service as well. He was very explanatory and gave me all the attention, even though he knew that I wasn't going to buy it at the time. Next Saturday I'll be back to test some electric guitars and buy one. Excellent store and service.
    Marco Santilli
  • Arminda Rebelo
    Absolutely Amazing!!!!! Both of my kids attend piano lessons at Rogers Music Centre, the staff there are very welcoming, accommodating, and knowledgeable. The piano teacher is very patient with the kids and every lesson he try’s something knew to get the kids engaged. I’m very thankful to have this type of service in our community.
    Arminda Rebelo
  • Gabriella Cunha
    Gentle, attentive, and very fair - I took my guitar in with a broken tuning peg, and they were able to repair it for less than the quoted cost in 10 minutes flat. Rogers Music Centre is a little gem!
    Gabriella Cunha
  • Maia Roots
    Great service and very welcoming atmosphere!! I have been using their practice space and I love it! The practice and lesson rooms are in the basement of the shop. Some equipment such as amps come with the rooms. In my case, I practice the violin, so I only need a music stand (which comes with the room, no need to bring your own, and a chair (as they are basement rooms, the ceilings are a bit low, and if I wasn't sitting I'd be poking the ceiling with my bow. I am rather tall... :). The room has a heater, so there is no way you will get cold even during long practice sessions during the winter. You can book the room easily by phone or email. You pay per 30 minutes, and there is no minimum time for which you have to book (unless it's 1 hour. I've never booked for less than an hour. Gotta get those hours of practice in!). I personally do not live nearby, but there are at least two bus stops within a 1 minute walk radius, so it is very accessible. There are also several fabulous bakery-cafes just across the street, for when one gets hungry after practice ;). The shop carries a number of different instruments, including at least one electric violin, but sadly no acoustic violins. They do carry a number of violin-related goods, such as violin strings, and can change your strings for you as well. Great place! The neighborhood music shop that every neighborhood should have!
    Maia Roots
  • Lata Tatiparti
    Jimmi and his instructors are amazing. My 8 yr old goes for his piano class and he loves it. The instructor is very patient with my hyperactive kid and helps him learn and enjoy the class :)
    Lata Tatiparti
  • A Slippery Slope
    Levelled my Floyd rose bridge in a short amount of time with great customer service.
    A Slippery Slope
  • Gary Jeong
    Great store! I went in for a guitar setup today, the owner was really friendly and the guitar looks fantastic!
    Gary Jeong
  • Matteo Grossi
    Modified my Marshall amp here and they did a great job, sounds amazing! Jimmi gives great customer service and also their turnaround time was way better than anywhere else, even during covid. Definitely recommend this place.
    Matteo Grossi
  • Christopherr Mendoza
    I've had a really great service getting 2 guitars set up at RMC. The service time was also very quick. And best of all, the owner of the store is very friendly and knowledgeable. I will be coming back here for sure and would recommend this place to others.
    Christopherr Mendoza
  • Brian Reust
    Excellent transaction from beginning to end, Jimmi helped me over and beyond expectations. The packing of this guitar was perfect and I wish other sellers paid this much attention to detail. RMC is a jewel in a landscape of guitar stores, buy with confidence!
    Brian Reust
  • C Crevier
    My go-to store for all my musical needs. Refurbishing old instruments, purchasing new ones, advice, lessons, gear… Great customer service too!
    C Crevier