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RMC offers a large selection of guitars and guitar equipment and accessories. Check out our Photo Gallery for samples of what we have.

Following are some of the brand names we carry. If you don't find what you're looking for, please visit or contact us and we WILL get it for you at our very competitive prices.

  • Guitars: Takamine
  • Guitars: Gretsch
  • Guitars: Ibanez
  • Guitars: Hamer
  • Guitars: Alvarez
  • Guitars: Warwick
  • Guitars: Garrison
  • Guitars: Applause
  • Guitars: Ovation Guitars
  • Guitars: Jay Turser
  • Guitars: Slammer
  • Guitars: Jasmine
  • Guitars: Wicked
  • Guitars: José Ramírez
  • Guitars: Samiick
  • Guitars: NR7
  • Guitars: Yairi
  • Guitars: Yairi
  • Guitars: Dean Guitars
  • Guitars: Squier
  • Guitars: Behringer